Foie gras of duck mi-cuit empty bag - piece 550 Grs


35,07 €

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1Precio per Kg63,76 €/ kg.
LataPiece 550 grs.
Info98% Of whole duck foie gras
info2Suitable for Celiacs

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 Foie mi-cuit is an inlet of luxury, a delight for our palate for oily and soft consistency, its appetizing taste and smooth aroma. Foie mi-cuit is part of the Group of ACEs of gastronomy: caviar, foie gras, truffle and ham.


A product that requires no preparation, which we recommend to taste in the purest way possible not to interfere in its qualities, we will seek accompaniments and condiments that enhance its flavor. 

Foie mi-cuit is made from fatty liver disease (not crushed), whole Moulard duck a lightweight heat treatment (pasteurization). This process just alter its physical structure, with what its composition and organoleptic characteristics remain nearly intact against the fresh liver.


The differences between the foie gras mi-cuit and fresh foie, reside in its greater shelf life, that must not be cooked for his consumption and his oily texture firmer.

Tips for your tasting

A.l it is a semi-preserved foie mi-cuit must retain refrigerated at a temperature between 0 ° - 5 ° C.

For your consumption duty the fridge sacarser previously, and hold between 5 and 20 minutes at room temperature, in this way at the time of his tasting will appreciate all its qualities.

We must never rub mi-cuit on bread, we would not appreciate its texture, being made from liver integer must bite. To do this cut the mi-cuit in foils, more or less fine depending on our taste, with the help of a hot and very sharp knife (just passing through hot water), to avoid so the product stick or break to cut it.

Last post mi-cuit on toast blades to serve us base.We recommend tasting it with toast of raisin bread, since its crunchy texture and the taste of raisins make a very special contrast.

It can be served alone or with a few salt flakes, which will bring a crisp touch and intensify its bouquet; We can also choose to accompany it with a red figs, jam from petals of pink or violet jam, cream of balsamic vinegar,..., flavors that blend perfectly with the mi-cuit, without masking its flavour.


Nutritional information

Average per 100 g energy values.
1527 Kj/ 367 Kcal
Nutritional values per 100 g.
Protein 10 g.
Carbohydrate 3 g.
35 G lipids.


98% liver of entire duck, salt, sugar, Armagnac, spices, antioxidant email and conservative E250.